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Battery EV charger

EV Charger

Introducing the reimagined EV chargers for high-speed, efficient, and adaptable charging experiences.

Elevate your electric vehicle charging with advanced technology and software, establishing new standards for efficiency and adaptability.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

A series of outdoor-rated cabinet energy storage system, built with revolutionary LFP chemistry, along with a self-developed Battery Management System (BMS) and Energy Management System (EMS), ensures safe industrial and business energy needs and seamless management. This system scales up from 233kWh to 1491kWh, providing flexible and reliable energy.

Solution for all business

Site Owners

Elevate property value with our cutting-edge EV charging and energy storage solutions.

Fleet Operators

Transform your fleet's efficiency with our easily expandable and installable EV chargers and energy storage systems.


Stay ahead in the retail landscape with our futuristic EV chargers and energy storage products.


Integrate sustainable and advanced EV chargers and energy storage solutions into your projects.

EV Manufacturers

Partner with our cutting-edge EV charging solutions to ensure your vehicles lead the electric revolution.

Charging Point Operators

Explore the best and most advanced solutions to upgrade your charging points.

EV charging solutions

Why eLumina

Because we Energise the Revolution

Precise Cutting-edge Products

Eliminating the need for expanded power capacity and significantly reducing installation barriers.

Unwavering Technology Commitment

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to in-house research positions us at the forefront of the Australian market.

Flexible Financial and Turnkey Solution

Offering more than just devices, flexible leasing arrangement and our proficiency transforms turnkey solutions into seamless outcomes.

Customise Your Solution

Tell us about your sites and expectations, and we’ll create a customised plan for you using our cutting-edge Battery EV Charger and Energy Management Solution.

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Financial Flexibility

Tailored payment plans are available.

Leasing Options

Explore innovative device leasing for clients seeking added capability.

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Our dedicated local team ensures seamless after-sales upgrades and maintenance support, prioritising your satisfaction.

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Experience unparalleled manufacturing and service excellence at our state-of-the-art facility at 1 Warehouse Circuit, Yatala, Queensland, opened on July 9th, 2024.

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