There are lots of reasons to install EV chargers at your premises. Installing public EV charging has been shown to increase customer loyalty, grow revenue, and attract new customers. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your sustainability values.

Yes, we offer a leasing arrangement. eLumina is the first EV charging solution company to offer lease arrangements on EV Chargers.
The benefits to clients are:
• Reduced upfront expenditure: Opt for a monthly payment plan instead of a substantial initial cost.
• Stay up-to-date with technology: We’ll upgrade your equipment to the latest model at the end of the lease term if available.
Comprehensive maintenance coverage: Enjoy a full maintenance service, inclusive of both parts and labour, throughout the lease duration.
• Tailored lease terms: Choose from flexible lease terms, starting from just one year and customizable to your specific needs.
• Swift implementation: The eLumina team can deploy the solution within a week, contingent on site conditions.
• Appealing interest rates: Take advantage of a special introductory offer Sunshine Group entitled to a 0% interest rate for the initial lease term.

On eCSM, site hosts can easily manage and optimise operations. They can remotely control the chargers and utilise data intelligence to support decision-making. Data collection includes an overview of the daily, and monthly number of orders, GMV, average charge amount, sales chart, activeness chart, each charger’s performance, traffic analysis, fault records, order type analysis (reserve, refund, abnormal), member information, etc.

The base dimensions of the D1 product are 1.3m * 1.1m, and it needs to be placed on a concrete foundation of at least 1.8m * 1.6m. The D2 product has a base dimension of 0.75m * 0.63m and requires placement on a concrete foundation of at least 0.8m * 0.7m.

eLumina is an Australian company operated and owned by Australians but with a global presence.

Our support teams are based locally to ensure excellence in customer service.

We continuously innovate cutting-edge technology to offer state-of-the-art solutions for complex scenarios.

Our expertise encompasses deep manufacturing and supply chain management, enabling the rapid delivery of intricate projects.

Best of all, we are proud of our collaborative approach with our partners.

Flexible financial arrangements, the only EV charging supplier offering leasing arrangement.

Yes, we are compatible with most electric vehicle models available in the market.

eLumina offers tailored solutions, recommending the best fit for your situation. With our turnkey service, partnering with us ensures a hassle-free experience, guaranteeing quality and professionalism.

Yes, it usually takes only 30 minutes to charge an EV from 20% State of Charge (SOC) to 80% SOC. However, the specific charging speed depends on the vehicle used by the user and environmental factors such as temperature during charging.

eLumina provides comprehensive support, including site analysis, electrical planning, site planning, product matching, and the final delivery of a ready-to-use charging station. Additionally, we offer reliable after-sales support and maintenance services.

eLumina ensures reliability in energy management through robust data analysis capabilities and extensive experience in the field, demonstrating our professionalism.

Yes, our team is available to assist with customised sustainability solutions.

Yes, we ensure seamless integration with your current energy infrastructure as part of our delivery process.

We provide leasing options to help clients minimise upfront costs.

We currently do not have plans to make our products available in retail stores.

For small businesses like restaurants and coffee shops, installing an EV charger offers an additional revenue stream and a sense of technology. For industrial and medium to large businesses, installing chargers can benefit their employees, and our energy management service helps them better manage energy consumption and reduce costs.

With our battery technology, we implement an automatic charging strategy during low electricity prices, storing energy for later use when prices are higher. This allows customers to use power at the lowest price and achieve cost savings.