All-in-one Ultra Fast (D1) image

Imagine a world where charging your electric vehicle (EV) is as fast and convenient as filling up a gas tank. The All-in-One Ultra-Fast (D1) EV Charger makes that a reality. This innovative system combines ultra-fast charging with integrated battery & energy storage, revolutionizing the EV charging experience.

The D1 eliminates the need for expensive grid upgrades and long waiting times. Instead, it delivers a seamless and speedy charge, getting you back on the road quickly. Plus, its Builtin 193 kWh battery ensures a reliable and sustainable charging solution, perfect for businesses, public charging stations, and eco-conscious communities.

The D1 is more than just a charger; it’s a complete charging ecosystem. With its all-in-one design and scalable functionality, it adapts to your specific needs. The D1 provides the power and convenience you need to embrace the future of electric mobility. Contact us today to learn more about how the D1 Battery EV Charger can transform your EV experience.

  • Just 10kw-40kW input for 204kW combined EV charging
  • Single gun maximum output at 160kW
  • Builtin 193 kWh battery with liquid cooling, supports v2g
  • Two charging guns simultaneously charging two vehicles
  • Built-in eftpos supports tap and charge
  • Easy to install, easy to relocate
  • The only rapid charging solution for locations where limited and unstable power supply is available
  • Exceptional built quality for Australia’s tough environment
  • Ongoing servicing and maintenance through our cloud platform and local maintenance team
  • Australian-owned, RCM certified